The IAPT Worker’s Café

Who We Are

The IAPT Workers Café is a space for clinicians who work in IAPT or who have worked in IAPT in the past. 

We welcome clinicians from all clinical roles in IAPT: Low Intensity Practitioners, Counsellors, Cognitive Behavioural Therapists, Psychodynamic Therapists, psychologists and others. We welcome all levels of experience. We particularly welcome trainees or those who are newly qualified – recognising the challenges of accessing and completing training, as well as the subsequent stresses of adjusting to fully qualified roles in IAPT. 

In welcoming past workers, we acknowledge the value of connecting with those who have left their job at IAPT and in sharing their insights.

Our Values

  • Compassion
  • Anti-racism; recognising the need to sustain anti-racist practice in a structurally racist society.
  • Non-hierarchical across professions and levels of experience.
  • A Safe space
  • Confidentiality; we don’t divulge any identifying details to anyone outside our meetings

What We Do

  • Restorative spaces, promoting peer support and community  
  • Facilitating waves of positive action through working groups
  • Wider engagement and training events 

Our dialogue with the National IAPT team about embedding anti-racist practice in IAPT services can be found in this link


Here are dates for our upcoming Restorative (peer support) meetings:

Saturday, Feb 27th, 10am

Saturday, March 20th, 10am

Saturday, April 24th, 10am All current/past IAPT workers are very welcome to attend.